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Our products are designed for Combat Medics where size, weight and extreme ease of use are paramount. Simply select the height of the patient and the device dials in a preset tidal volume of 6 ml per kilogram of the patient’s Ideal Body Weight. This helps reduce operator error and eliminate the guesswork associated with bagging in a high stress environment or setting up an overly complicated transport vent. In response to the COVID crisis AutoMedx developed the SAVe II+ ventilator which delivers up to 12.5 LPM of air and is capable of generating up to 20 cmH2O of PEEP. The SAVe II+ ventilator kit replaces the SAVe II ventilator Kit (NSN: 6515-01-655-3181).

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Simply select the height of the patient, hit confirm and the device delivers a tidal volume of 6 ml per KG of ideal body weight. This neuro and lung protective approach is based on the ARDSNet protocol. A respiratory rate is selected that generates a minute volume of 5-6.5 LPM depending on the size of the patient. Adjustments to rate, tidal volume, peak inspiratory pressure and PEEP can be made as necessary. Supplemental O2 can be used to vary FIO2 21-100%.



The SAVe II+ ventilator monitors airway and ambient pressure for various alarm triggers. Alarms for disconnect, high pressure, spontaneous breath and low battery assist the medic in monitoring the patient. The device detects and respond to patient triggered breaths. The SAVe II+ does not require O2 to operate but if desired low pressure supplemental air can be titrated to the patient. It is a time cycle, volume targeted, pressure limited device.



Time cycled, volume-targeted, pressure-limited


200-800 ML


8-30 BPM


10-60 CMH2O


0-20 CMH2O










8.25-9.25 HRS AT 5'9" PRESET


100-240 VAC 16.8 VDC 50-60 HZ


16.5 X 1 6 X 5 CM


2.7 LBS | 1.2 KGS

Harvard COVID Study

See AutoMedx's White Paper Comparing SAVe II+ Capabilities to Average COVID Settings at Mass General Hospital.

Parameters Average COVID Patient Settings SAVe II+ Range
PEEP (cmH2O) 10 0-20
F102 .7 21 -1.0
Minute Volume (L/min) 9.1 1.6 - 12.5
Tidal Volume 450 200 - 8OO
PIP (cmH2O) 21 10 -60
Breaths per Minute 20.5 8 - 30
AJRCCM, Vol 201, Number 12, June 15, 2020

SAVe II+ is great for


SAVe II+ (Simplified Automated Ventilator) is a volume-targeted, pressure-limited ventilator tailored to support you during shortages or surges. Composed of fewer parts and easier to maintain, the SAVe II+ can be used to provide mechanical ventilation to critically ill patients or to free up the limited supply of ICU ventilators for the most difficult cases.

Developing countries

The easy-to-use, cost-effective SAVe II+ is well suited to provide lifesaving mechanical ventilation to the developing world. Our ventilator is portable, easy to maintain, and its design maximizes safe and effective use for those with minimal training.


Since 2008 AutoMedx ventilators have been a top choice of the US Military. Built for the battlefield, the SAVe II+, is durable, portable and can be powered for 9 hours on a battery or from AC power.

Why SAVe II+

A great choice for stockpile and surge.


Less than one-fourth the cost of an ICU ventilator the SAVe II+ maximizes your surge capacity by freeing up critical care ventilators for the toughest cases.

Proven & Reliable

AutoMedx has sold over 20,000 Simplified Automated Ventilators.


Covers a wide range of use cases, from transport to extended care; battlefield to hospital.


SAVe II+ Ventilator Kits ship within 2 business days. Designed and built in the United States. 510K cleared.

Ventilating in Field Hospital

Patients suffering from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are treated at a feld hospital set up at Dell'Antonia sports gym in Santo Andre, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil April 7, 2021. REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli

The ease of use, portability and long battery life of the SAVe II+, make it well suited for feld hospitals or other environments where there is a lack of equipment or shortage of trained personal.

Compact, economical, and easy-to-use, the SAVe Il+ is built for dependable use during a crisis. Medical personnel have relied on AutoMedx's ventilators for over a decade.

The new SAVe II+ uses a battery driven compressor to deliver up 12.5 LPM of air to the patient and can generate up to 20 cmH2O of PEEP. The SAVe Il+ is 510(k) cleared.